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Restylers Helping Restylers

‘Restylers Helping Restylers’ is the new slogan for Restylers International.

RI Slogan 2With the decision to set up a booth and display at SEMA, it became very important to come up with a 3 or 4 word slogan that would express what Restylers International is all about.  After all, we would only have seconds to catch the attention of people walking by.  While it seems easy, it was actually quite difficult.

Many ideas were bounced around, such as: Buy Like a Megastore, Maximize Your Purchasing Power, Working Together in Restyling, Restylers Working Together, Partners in Restyling, The Restyling Network, and more…

But none of these really conveyed in one thought what RI is all about.  Then one day, Dean Alexander called up and said:  ‘Hey Tim, how about Restylers Helping Restylers?‘  And there we had it – what we hope is a slogan that instantly conveys what Restylers International is all about.

So if you come to SEMA, stop by our booth in the North Hall (booth 13167) and take a look at our new display, and tell us what you think.  If you are not going to SEMA this year, we plan to bring our display to our 2015 RI Conference in Orlando, so you can see it there.

One last thing:  if you scroll to the top of this webpage, you will see our new RI slogan – ‘Restylers Helping Restylers’ (it may be next to or below the RI logo depending on the screen size you are using)

RI Slogan

3 Responses to “Restylers Helping Restylers”

  1. Tim Thomerson

    Tom – thanks for the offer – Dean and Kim will mostly be manning the booth, with a little help from the rest of us – I am sure they would be glad for a little help here and there – we will reach out to you before the show. Thanks again!!

  2. Tom Smith

    I know manning the booth can be demanding. Long hours…Long days.
    I’m sure if you needed or wanted, some Restyler members would be
    more than happy to lend a hand, to rest up you guys.
    Just let us know.