Ruff Tuff

America’s Finest Custom Seat Covers

Ruff Tuff 3Whether you want to change the look of your interior, protect your existing seats, or refresh the appearance of worn seats, a Ruff Tuff seat cover may be just what you need.

Ruff Tuff has been making custom seat covers since 1976, producing them from start to finish in the United States.  They use the finest, most durable, and best looking materials in the automotive industry.  If you are looking for quality that surpasses all of the competition, give Ruff Tuff a try.

Advantages of a Custom Seat Cover from Ruff Tuff over universal seat covers:

  • Custom Seat Covers will not slip or slide around on your seat.
  • Custom Seat Covers use much better quality materials than most universal seat covers.
  • Custom Seat Covers have a much more professional appearance than universal seat covers.

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