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We don’t always need an entire article, just little tidbits of information to keep you informed and updated on current issues and future events:

    • Currently 2 Week Lead Time on all tonneau covers to continue into the foreseeable future
    • It is with mixed emotions that I want to let all of you know that I will be retiring at the end of 2023.  It has been my great pleasure and honor to have worked With and For all of you Restylers International Members and our Vendors for nearly 14 years.  It is time for me to move my priorities to family responsibilities but I wish all of you continued success in your businesses as well as your personal lives.  I truly appreciate all y’alls friendship greatly!!!


  1. Jerry Abt

    I read the announcement about the retirement of Kim Redden with strong feelings. I’m really, really happy for Kim because I know how much work she is doing to care for her parents at this time. So it was good news to know that she will have some relief from her job so she can take care of those necessary things. But I also was very disappointed to know that she won’t be available to help me with things that she normally does to assist me. So for selfish reasons I’m gonna miss her because of how she made my life easier. I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and figure out how to do the things for myself that she was doing for me. Kim, -you go girl! I hope this next part of your life is just the beginning of the very best part of your life. Thanks for your hard work for so many years.


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