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The Latest from Grimco


If you haven’t heard, your preferred equipment partner, Grimco, now carries Kala laminators!  

The Kala Mistral laminator has been an industry favorite for several years now, combing robust construction with automated precision calibrating, preventing errors that result in material and labor waste during the pivotal finishing stage of your projects.  Designed for unattended roll to roll laminating, each of their options also feature a 2″ opening for mounting to substrates as well.  

Reach out to your RI / Grimco rep, Art Morgan, at art@restylersinternational.com to get more information.  

New Reflective Film

Last month Grimco was excited to announce their newest addition to the Brieline Product Line, Briteline Reflective X. After launching their flat liner reflective last year to great success, based on customer feedback they added this product on an enhanced air-egress liner.

This 7-year reflective vinyl also features moderate repositionability to reduce bruising with a low price point to save you money.

For more information, contact Art Morgan at art@restylersinternational.com.

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