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Special 1 of the Month: Accele Rear View Mirror

Interesting Facts about the Company

In business since 1985.  Won SEMA award for this product.

Featured Product

Rear view mirror with backup camera – 4.3″ screen, plus Front Facing camera with DVR, Wifi (for smartphone Navigation mirror imaging)  CLICK HERE TO ORDER from Restylers International ‘Shop RI’

Outstanding Features

Not only displays the backup Camera, but the Wifi feature will mirror Google maps for Navigation – Front camera and DVR can be very handy

What makes this product valuable to the end consumer, and profitable to the dealer?

Many current model cars come with Backup Cameras.  But this allows you still to sell a replacement mirror, because of the many added features.  It gives the customer Navigation (while paired to a phone), and DVR which many vehicles still don’t have.

How does it compare to the competition?

It has more features than most any competitor.  Without the Backup Camera, it is simple to install:  1.  Replace mirror.  2.  Wire for power and ground.  With the Backup Camera, you will need to mount the camera and run the cable forward to the mirror.  Price:  You get ALL the features for about the price of any ONE feature, such as stand-alone Nav or DVR.

Primary Target Vehicles:

Almost any Car or Truck, especially if it does not have Backup Camera or Nav.  NOTE:  most Euro cars are ‘tricky’ because of the mirror mount – call Accele for tech advice.

How best to sell this product:

Accele has a working display available.  Or you can install one in your own vehicle.  ‘Sell sheets’ available.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER from Restylers International ‘Shop RI’

Why should I add this to my existing product line?

Easy to install.  Only 1 part # to inventory.  Easy up-sell to anyone who wants to add Nav, or Backup Camera.

Installation Tips:

Checkout this video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_5q1TFTm3E

Typical install time:

Less than 1 hour w/o Backup Camera.  2-3 hours with Backup Camera

Suggested pricing.  Potential profit.

$750 installed.  Profit would be about $300+ for 1 hour labor.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER from Restylers International ‘Shop RI’

Sample Part # (RI Members look your price up on Shop RI):



During May 2017, purchase 2 mirrors, get 2 cameras at N/C ($39 value each), plus free freight.  Also during May, purchase a working display for $895, get a Mirror and Camera free (Installed this could pay for the display)  CLICK HERE TO ORDER from Restylers International ‘Shop RI’

RI Member Testimonial

Jim Peters, ATD of Utah says:  We have installed a number of these.  The front camera, the DVR, and Wifi are built right into the Camera, and literally don’t add any time to the install which means just more profit for us.  We like it.


Accele – 800-788-1212CLICK HERE TO ORDER from Restylers International ‘Shop RI’