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Article contributed by Tom Zack / Auto Trim Design of Mid South (Memphis)

  • Several Restylers International Distributors were represented at the Solar Gard/Panorama Dealers Meeting in Orlando, Florida, March 10 – 11, 2017.  Solar Gard was a very gracious host, and of course, the 82° weather was also appreciated!
  • There were two days of very informative material, including Marketing and Using Social Media to expand your business.  Also of value, there were several Workshops that featured New Products, Tools of the Trade, and Installation Tips.  These workshops were presented in a very professional manner and were well supported by those in attendance.
  • There were several Vendors present who focused on making our Tint Business a success.  For example, when you do Flat Glass installs, you need to be sure to use the correct film and EDTM (one of Solar Gard’s Vendors) displayed the tools needed to accomplish this, especially the METERS used to measure and test Solar Transmission and Power.
  • In summary, this was a very informative meeting that focused on Flat Glass Sales and Installation.
  • This type of training is beneficial, especially as other RI Members make the move into the Flat Glass Tint Market.
  • Solar Gard’s representative for Restylers International is Rob Garlo:  he has worked hard to support our Network and we appreciate his support and efforts on our behalf!
  • SOLAR GARD and RESTYLERS INTERNATIONAL — a Winning Combination!