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Solar Gard – Flat Glass

Available exclusively to Panorama dealers, Solar Gard’s ultimate energy-efficient window film, Ecolux, is now available in 48″ x 100′ rolls!

Commercial tint, or ‘Flat Glass‘ as it is commonly called, is a fast growing market.  If you are already doing automotive tint, why not add Flat Glass to your business offerings?


Here are a few thoughts on Flat Glass as compared to Automotive Tint:Solar Gard Ecolux

  • Automotive Tint is pretty much a mature market.  In many areas, there are so many installers doing automotive tint that it is hard to get the price you deserve.  Flat Glass is a virtually untapped market.  Certainly there is some competition, but not near as much as in Automotive.
  • Automotive Tint requires you to do several cars per day to hit your goals.  Flat Glass often requires only 1 or 2 sales per week, depending on the size of the project.
  • Automotive Tint generally requires you to have a shop to work in.  Flat Glass is a mobile business, often resulting in less overhead and a freer schedule.


What is needed to get started in Flat Glass?

  • It is NOT recommended to take an existing Automotive Tinter and put him to work doing Flat Glass.  It is better to keep him doing what he is already making money at.
  • It IS recommended to get training.  While Flat Glass is in many ways easier than Automotive Tint, the knowledge base and variety of films needed for different applications is much greater – hence training is recommended to ensure you put the right film on the right windows.


Who can help me get started?

  • Call us at RI – we will schedule you some time on the phone with Dean Alexander.  Dean is one of the elite Solar Gard Panorama dealers and has been doing Flat Glass for years.  As the RI Customer Development manager, Dean is in a unique position to help you get started.
  • Your Solar Gard rep can help you with more detailed product information, and getting you set up as a Panorama dealer if you want to join the very best.
  • Solar Gard schedules training classes throughout the year on both the West Coast and the East Coast.  Contact RI or your Solar Gard rep for more details on training.


What is left?  

Nothing really – except to make the decision to add Flat Glass to your business.  If you are interested, just let  us know and we will get you started.