CLICK HERE to go to the new ‘Shop RI‘…

  • …then on the left side click ‘Log In / My Account‘ to set up your account.
  • (see below ‘How to Create an Account’ and ‘How to Place an Order’)

Features of ‘Shop RI’:

  • There are MANY MORE Vendors on ‘Shop RI’ than on the old ‘Webline’.  In fact, it is our intent to bring the majority of RI Vendors onto ‘Shop RI’.
  • You can order from multiple RI Vendors on one order – each will be shipped from the appropriate Vendor.
  • There is more information available on ‘Shop RI’ than on the old ‘Webline’, such as:
    • shop-ri-with-logowhere the part will ship from, IE: from a WD or from the manufacturer
    • typical shipping cost (if available)
    • a better description than previously
    • fitment  & technical specs (when available)
    • shipping policy for that part number or vendor
    • a sample picture
    • etc…

How to Create an Account:

CLICK HERE to start a new account, then follow the instructions.  (please review the 2 notes below)

    • Once you set up your account, we will have to ‘approve’ it before you can order or see pricing – this prevents non-members from being able to order or see your prices.
    • The system will notify us when you set up your account, and we will approve it within just a few minutes.
    • If there is a delay, just give us a call at 800-678-6505 ext 1 Customer Service
    • If you had an account on the old ‘RI Webline’, the user name and password you used there will not work on ‘Shop RI’ – it is a completely new system.
    • Just use your email address as ‘user name’, and use whatever password you want.

How to Place an Order:

Method 1 – if you already know your part number:

  • On the left side under ‘User Area‘, enter the part number into the ‘Search Part Number‘ field…
  • …then click ‘Go‘ (or hit ‘Enter’ on your computer)…
  • …then click on the picture, and click ‘Add to Cart

Method 2 – if you do not know your part number:

  • On the left side under ‘User Area‘, click ‘Year, Make, Model Search‘ …
  • …find the appropriate Vendor and note the location of their search tool…
  • …then click the Vendor link.
  • After finding the correct part number on the Vendor’s search tool, enter it in the ‘Search Part Number‘ field on ‘Shop RI’ as described in ‘Method 1’.

Note:  we use the Vendors’ search tool for 2 reasons:

  1. To keep your cost low:  ‘Year, Make, Model Search’ tools are expensive to develop and maintain.
  2. To ensure better accuracy:  Simply put, the Vendor is more familiar with his products than anyone, and his search tool will always be the most accurate available.

‘Shop RI’ future:

  • With an October, 2016, launch, we intend to have several of our existing RI Vendors online before Sema, and the remaining ones online by early 2017.
  • As we develop new RI Vendors, the majority of them will go on ‘Shop RI’.
  • As we go forward, we plan to continue to develop and improve ‘Shop RI’, and expect it to become a big factor in the way we do business.
  • We appreciate your support, and welcome your comments and suggestions!!