How to Apply for an Account:

Please review the notes below, then CLICK HERE to apply for an account.

  • Since this is a ‘members only’ wholesale website, once you apply for an account, we will have to ‘approve’ it before you can order or see pricing – this prevents the retail public or non-members from being able to order or see your wholesale pricing.
  • Accounts will normally be reviewed within 24 hours.  If there is a delay, or you want to place an order immediately, just give us a call at 800-678-6505 ext 1 Customer Service
  • IMPORTANT:  Be sure to include your State Sales Tax or Business License number, or we may be required to charge you sales tax.

How to Place an Order:

Method 1 – if you ALREADY KNOW your part number:

  • On the top, enter your part number into the ‘Know your part number?  Enter it here‘ field…
  • (NOTE:  enter Letters and Numbers ONLY – no special characters, such as – / ? * , etc)
  • …then select the correct part from the drop down suggestions,
  • …or click ‘Go‘ and select the correct part from the results.
  • You may click ‘Add to Cart‘ or click the picture for more information, then click ‘Add to Cart‘.

Method 2 – if you DO NOT KNOW your part number:

  • On the left, click the appropriate Category or Vendor, then use the specific ‘Lookup filters’
  • After narrowing down the selections, you may click ‘Add to Cart‘ or click the picture for more information, then click ‘Add to Cart‘.


If our system does not recognize the part number you entered, remember to enter ‘Numbers and Letters’ only – no special characters.

If it still does not recognize your part numbers, the ‘Unknown Part Number’ screen will display within a couple seconds.  Simply enter your part number and click ‘Add to Cart’.  While in the cart, if you choose you can enter what you expect the part to cost (this helps us research your part, but is not mandatory).  We will research the part number and either order it, or contact you.

See further details in the ‘Description’ section of the ‘Unknown Part Number’ screen.

Shipping Policy:

We only want you to pay what shipping ACTUALLY COSTS, not some inflated ‘best guess’ of what it might cost.  Therefore, this is how we handle shipping:

Who ships my order?  We do not ship your items – our vendors do.  (If we did ship them, calculating your shipping cost would be so easy.)

Where does my order ship from?  Where the vendor(s) ship from on any given day depends on many factors, such as daily stock levels, size of order, distance to your location, ability to ‘bundle’ multiple items, and other factors.

What is my shipping cost?  Since the vendors calculate the shipping, we have to wait until they ship your order to know the actual cost.  And since the vendor(s) may ship from different warehouses as noted above, and since there may be multiple vendors on any order, and since any order may contain small lightweight items or big heavy truck accessories, IT JUST BECOMES IMPOSSIBLE TO ACCURATELY CALCULATE YOUR SHIPPING COST IN ADVANCE.

When will I know my actual shipping costsAs soon as the Vendor notifies us that your order has shipped, we will automatically charge your credit card separately for the actual shipping costs.  Then we will send you an updated invoice showing the cost of all the ‘Items Ordered’, the ‘Actual Shipping Cost’, and the ‘Total’.

Why do we do it this way?

Primarily, this is the best way to make sure you pay ONLY the ‘Actual Shipping Cost‘, not some inflated ‘best guess’ estimate.

We appreciate you understanding why we do shipping this way.  It truly is the simplest way to be FAIR TO YOU and FAIR TO US – you only pay the actual shipping cost!

Refund Policy:

We ship from many different Vendors, and the specific refund policy differs from Vendor to Vendor.  In all cases, the Vendor’s specific return policy applies.  But in general, to receive a refund:

  • Contact us at 888-678-6505 ext 1 or support@restylersinternational to get an RGA (Return Goods Authorization)
  • Return the product at your expense in ‘new & unused’ condition to the appropriate Vendor.
  • After the Vendor credits us, we will pass that credit on to you in its full amount.
  • Be aware that most Vendors charge a Restocking Fee of 20-25%, unless the product is proven defective, in which case they will usually replace it or refund it in full.

Privacy Policy:

With the exception of your shipping address and contact info, we do not share any of your information with anybody.