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SHARPLINE’S New Products

SHARPLINE™ is pleased to announce they have rolled out an entire line of vehicle protection products.  These new products will greatly enhance the appearance of your customers vehicle and give added protection while reducing replacement or repair costs to keep your customers happy and returning to your shop for additional services.


  • SharpShield™ Glass Protection
  • SharpShield™ HP3 Hydrophobic Coating
  • SharpShield™ Solutions Business Kit
  • CX2™ Ceramic Spray-On Sealant
  • ProClean™
  • CX Revive™ Ceramic Sealant Renewer
  • Metal WRX™ Metal Sealant
  • Restore XTR™ Oxidation & Scratch Removal + Glaze
  • LV Pro™ Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Protector
  • LV Pro+ with PHMB
  • Sharp Chrome™ Chrome Sealant
  • Safe Wash™ High-Foam Car Wash Soap
  • MB-10 Tablets® Disinfecting and Sanitizing Tablets

SHARPLINE™ has all the Accessories / Marketing Materials needed to inform your customers of these Value Added Products.

Call Sharpline™ at: 800-888-4888 or

Visit their Website for more info / details:


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