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Sharpline DuraShield

Alternative Ways to Provide Benefits With Paint Protection Film




Rocker PanelsSharpline Durashield
  • Rocker panels take as much abuse from flying road debris as a vehicle’s front end.
  • Apply a piece from a PPF roll just above the bottom edge of the doors in the space between the wheel wells.  Trim and wrap around door edges and wheel openings.
Splash Guards
  • Protect behind the rear wheels by tracing a pattern on some masking and apply to the top of a piece of PPF.  Trim to create a custom fit and apply.

Top of Rear Bumper

  • Apply a piece of roll masking across the top of the rear bumper.  Wrap masking just over the edge of the bumper.
  • Use a pencil to carefully draw a pattern around the area of the top of the bumper you want to protect.
  • Apply masking to the top of a piece of the PPF.  Trim and install PPF.
Door Sills
  • Measure the width and length of each door sill.
  • Trim door sill panels based on those measurements.
  • Apply PPF to door sills to maintain their “like new” appearance at a fraction of the cost of OEM sill plates.
Door Edges
  • Measure the width and length of each door edge.
  • Use 8375-00 DuraShield Door Edge Guard roll.  Trim door edge strips to length.  You can also trim 1/2″ wide X 30″ strips from a roll of PPF.
  • Apply PPF to door edges.  Try to maintain a consistent 1/8″ width along the outside of the door edge.  Trim away any excess material from the inside edge of the door to prevent lifting.


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