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Sales Tips – Keeping the Customer


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This is the third installment in a new series from Restylers International.  In this “Sales Tips” series, we will post short articles on how to make the sale, how to keep the customer, how to be professional, etc.

Many you will already know.  But it is always good to review from time to time our sales techniques.  After all, that is what keeps us in business!!

Here is the third installment of “Sales Tips – Keeping the Customer”.



Think Customer Satisfaction!

  • You know your shop sells quality products and your installers are highly skilled.  However, it’s inevitable for an occasional service issue to arise.  So, keeping our customers happy after the sale is as important as making the initial sale.

How do we accomplish that goal?

  • If there is a problem with an accessory, our customer expects us to take care of it.  We want and need our customers to know they can rely on us and our company when things go wrong.  Fix it, and do it fast, to keep the customer.  This will then lead to…

Making our customer feel we are a trusted partner!

  • It is up to us to convey the message that our business is customer focused – then back that up with deeds, not words!

These steps will lead to inspiring confidence and trust!



One Response to “Sales Tips – Keeping the Customer”

  1. Jerry Abt

    This is one of the hardest things to do because it’s not usually our fault. Taking care of issues that come up often hurts profitability in the short run but pays off in customer retention and loyalty. This works for both retail and wholesale customers.

    Thanks for the reminder, Kim. Keep up the good work.