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Sales Tips – Dealer Sales


From Kims Desk with LogoThis is the fourth installment in a new series from Restylers International.  In this “Sales Tips” series, we will post short articles on how to  make the sale, how to keep the customer, how to be professional, etc.

Many you will already know.  But it is always good to review from time to time our sales techniques.  After all, that is what keeps us in business!!

Here is the fourth installment of “Sales Tips – Dealer Sales”.

Sales Fundamentals:

When making dealer calls, a few points to remember:

Restyling is not the most important thing on the agenda of dealers.  Their focus is on selling more vehicles and making more money on the units they sell.  So the trick is to keep your dealer focused on doing business with YOU – because YOU will help them sell more vehicles and make more money.  The key lies in having strong sales efforts:

  • Being organized;
  • Having a game plan for making calls;
  • Being visible on a consistent basis, calling on current customers no less than once monthly and solid prospects every 45-60 days.

Help your dealer understand how your company’s products and services will benefit their dealership!

2 Responses to “Sales Tips – Dealer Sales”

  1. Jerry Abt

    I try to come in with a “Special of the Month” and some other printed material and I’ll even try to print the dealership logo on the first page somewhere. They seem to like it when it’s personalized that way. I’ve even made brochures for different products and copied the salesperson’s photo from the dealership website and pasted it to a small area of the first page. Their ego is stroked and they accept the information as something just for them – their own personal copy. They feel guilty about throwing it away. This all requires some time to prepare.

  2. Sean jones

    I like the part about being organized. Sometimes I just pop in, fumble around on iPhone pics, and I feel I lose the managers attention. Does anyone have any advise on what works for them? Using current technology?