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Sales Tips – Dealer Sales (Part 2)


From Kims Desk with LogoThis is the fifth installment in a new series from Restylers International.  In this “Sales Tips” series, we will post short articles on how to make the sale, how to keep the customer, how to be professional, etc.

Many you will already know.  But it is always good to review from time to time our sales techniques.  After all, that is what keeps us in business!!

Here is the fifth installment of “Sales Tips – Dealer Sales” (Part 2).

Sales Fundamentals

When making Dealer calls, it is imperative that you project a Professional Appearance!  So it is wise to evaluate what image you are putting forward in regards to your:

  • Vehicle – Is it clean, presentable, have company signage; doesn’t have to be newest model.
  • Materials – Are they organized, in good shape; not damaged, bent or torn.
  • Clothing – Is it neat, clean, pressed vs. wrinkled; doesn’t have to be expensive, but do you give a $20 or $100 appearance?
  • Demeanor – Your speech, attitude, way you present yourself; try to act like an equal, not superior.

The image we project says as much, if not more, than anything we verbally can say to the people we are trying to do business with!!


One Response to “Sales Tips – Dealer Sales (Part 2)”

  1. Jerry Abt

    Thanks again for the good reminders, Kim. I have also found that I can avoid issues sometimes by parking my vehicle at a dealership in a “not so obvious” space. Some have the theory that you need to present an image of not making “too much” money when calling on customers. But the opposite is usually true. Customers prefer to do business with professionals who show that they are good at what they do and are successful as a result. Don’t flaunt it, but don’t be ashamed of being successful.

    One half of all small businesses in the US fail in the first 5 years and half of the rest will fail in the next 5 years. If you’ve been around longer than 10 years, you are a real exception and should be proud of it. Show it. Customers will respect that.