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RSS Feed Added to RI Website!!

Look at the Upper Right corner of the header on the RI website and you will see the RSS Feed symbol like in the picture below.

What is an RSS Feed?rss feed icon 2

Perhaps you like checking the National News each morning, and then the Local News, and then the Weather,  and then the Golf Channel, and then Restylers International News, and then the……  And the list goes on.

WITHOUT an RSS Feed you have to go to each of those websites and check them yourself.

WITH an RSS Feed, news items from all of these are brought to you automatically.  You simply check your ‘RSS Feed’ in much the same manner you check your email.  Compared to checking each website individually, this saves you time and helps you keep up with what is important to you.

At the bottom of this page is a sample of how your RSS Feed MAY look, BUT depending on the Reader you choose, you can customize the appearance to suit your reading style.

Here is how it works:


Whether you are using a computer, iPad, Android tablet, or smart phone, there are many free and low cost RSS Feed Readers available.  Here are some articles explaining the most common ones:

OR just subscribe through the internet browser you are already using – here are the most common:

  • Internet Explorer – go to ‘view’, then ‘explorer bars’, then check mark ‘feeds’
  • Google Chrome – go to ‘settings’, click ‘extensions’, click ‘browse the gallery’ (OR ‘get more extensions’) and type in the search box ‘rss feed reader’ – then download the one you like
  • Mozilla Firefox – go to ‘tools’, click ‘add ons’, click ‘extensions’, type in search box ‘rss feed reader’ – then download the one you like
  • Safari (iPad) – download an app through the App Store


  • Go to your favorite website and look for the RSS Feed symbol (usually it will look like the picture here or will say ‘RSS’)
  • Click on it and click ‘subscribe’ (OR if it does not have a ‘subscribe’ button, simply copy the url and paste it into your RSS Feed Reader)
  • Do this for each website you want to receive news for


rss feed iconNow the news you want to keep up with WILL COME TO YOU instead of you having to go to it!!

Need to know more?  Here are some articles and You Tube videos I found helpful:


It may sound challenging, but really it is no more difficult than setting up an email account.

See an EXAMPLE BELOW using one of the top rated Readers, Feedly – and remember, you can customize them to the appearance you prefer.

Do you need help?  You can contact us here at RI – we are not experts, but we can probably talk you through it.  OR… just ask any teenager – they are experts on it!!

PS – if you already have an RSS Feed Reader here is the link for the RI RSS Feed – just paste it into your RSS Reader:  https://www.restylersinternational.com/feed/

rss feedly sample