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ROADWIRE® LEATHER has been with Restylers International for many years as our preferred Leather Seat Cover vendor.  With the current economic crisis, everyone is experiencing different types of difficulties and Roadwire® is not exempt.  In light of this, as of May 1st, 2021, there has been a 3% price increase on all Leather Kits.  But Roadwire® was able to negotiate better shipping costs to help offset the price increase.

From Our Roadwire® Partners:

“As we continue to emerge from unprecedented times, we trust that you, your loved ones, your employees and clients have remained safe and healthy, and that your businesses have recovered and are surging forward in this growing economy.  Roadwire® is recovering rapidly and our in-stock inventory of leather interiors is now extremely robust at all our national distribution centers, as are our raw goods for production custom leather kits.  Covid-19 has certainly had an impact on all global supply chain channels, and we did experience our share of the challenges.  We as a company have experienced additional increases from our suppliers, surcharges, tariffs and freight and transportation increases.

Our employees, facilities and vendors were affected, as most were.  These newly inflated costs will cause us to raise our leather interior kit prices.

Effective May 1st, 2021, prices will increase on all your customers by 3% (three percent).  To offset this price increase on our leather kits, we have successfully negotiated a new agreement with FedEx, which will decrease your overall shipping costs, in some cases, as much as fifty percent as compared to UPS.  We strongly suggest switching all of your leather freight needs to FedEx.”

In addition:

The following reclassification and pricing changes will be made:

  • Choice Kits:  All kits older than 2010.  These kits will be $25 higher than Standard Production Cost.
  • Vintage Kits:  All kits older than 2000.  All Leather Kits have their Base Price which is for a standard 2 row and standard 3 row.  Give your Roadwire® Rep a call for current pricing.  Please keep these changes in mind when quoting costs to your retail customers.


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