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Roadwire Leather No Longer Part of Loyalty Program

RI Loyalty ProgramRoadwire Leather has been a part of our RI Loyalty Program since they first became a vendor for RI in 2010.  It is with great sadness that we announce that they have decided to no longer participate in the RI Loyalty Program.

Of course, they continue to be the RI Approved Vendor for Leather Interiors!!

What does this mean?

  • If you are an RI Basic Member, nothing changes.  You can continue to purchase from Roadwire at the discounted RI prices that you currently have.
  • If you are a Premier Member, the only thing that changes is that you will no longer earn a 1% Loyalty Rewards rebate on your Roadwire purchases.

We are sad that Roadwire dropped out of the Loyalty Program.

But we are happy to say that Roadwire is still an important part of the Restylers International vendor lineup.  They continue to be our Approved Vendor for Leather Interiors the same as they have been since 2010.

We encourage you to continue to make Roadwire your FIRST CHOICE for leather interiors!!

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