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Premier Membership Renewal

To all those that have already renewed…

Renewal…we want to say ‘THANK YOU’ for supporting the RI network through your Premier Membership dues and through purchasing from our RI Recommended Vendors.  Normally, we try to call each of you upon receiving your renewal, and we have tried this year, but with the added workload of preparing to display for the first time at Sema, we know we have fallen short of contacting everyone.  Please accept our apologies if we have not called you, but know we do appreciate your support and are working hard for you.

To those that may not have renewed yet…

…please don’t forget.  If you do not renew your Premier Member dues by the end of the year, then you will not qualify for the Loyalty Rewards Program.  Most of our Premier Members earn more on the Loyalty Rewards Program than their Premier Membership costs, so please don’t forget to renew if you have not already done so.

If you would like to renew now, please click the links below: