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New Vendor – Ruff Tuff

RI is proud to announce it latest RI Recommended Vendor:  Ruff Tuff.

Ruff Tuff 4If you are not familiar with Ruff Tuff, they offer a top quality ‘made in the USA’ custom seat cover for most vehicles on the road today.

A Seat Cover is one of those products where quality really does show.  There are cheaper seat covers on the market, but not a better seat cover!!  They pride themselves in having the Best Seat Cover available!

From Doug Smith in Montana:

  • “Ruff Tuff has a great product!  Since we started using Ruff Tuff, we have been selling about 3 per week.  They have a very good markup, plus we usually capture the installation charge also.  We have been very happy with their quality and customer serviceI am glad we switched to Ruff Tuff for our Seat Cover supplier.”

So if you have not been selling seat covers, or have been selling a cheaper brand, why not give Ruff Tuff a call?

CLICK HERE to see the Ruff Tuff page on the RI Website.

CLICK HERE for RI Pricing and Contact Info for this Vendor.

Ruff Tuff 2



2 Responses to “New Vendor – Ruff Tuff”

  1. Jerry Abt

    Tim & team:
    Good job on the deal with Ruff Tuff. This is a product that definitely has a place in our market. We’ve been selling a different brand up until now but have no reason not to switch over to OUR new supplier. This fills niche beneath our leather interior offering and there is a demand. Good on ya.