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New ‘Shop RI 2023’!

Starting next week when you click on ‘Shop RI’ you will be directed to our New ‘Shop RI 2023’!! 

 WHY DID WE DO THIS? – with the old Shop RI, we had to maintain all the ‘Year / Make / Model’ data, which was extremely time consuming – this prevented us from being able to add more vendors – we simply did not have the time to maintain all the data for a lot of vendors.  

The new system is based on a platform built by the AAM Group called Aftermarket Websites.  For those of you that attended the conference at Sharpline in February, you already met them.  One of their primary services is maintaining up-to-date data for over 100 vendors.  By using their platform, we no longer have to spend countless hours maintaining ‘year / make / model’ data for each vendor – AAM does it for us!

This will allow us to add more vendors, making the website more valuable for all of us!!

What can you expect from the new ‘Shop RI 2023’?  Here are some bullet points:

  • A NEW LOOK – it will have a fresh new look, but still works the same way!
  • LOGGING IN – the ‘Log In’ button is at the top right – the little icon that looks like a person.
  • SEEING PRICES – to see prices and/or product availability, you will need to have an account and log in – this is to prevent retail customers from seeing your pricing.
    • Regular Purchasers – if you are a regular Shop RI purchaser, we have already set up an account for you – Kim will be contacting you early next week to give you a temporary password and help you log in for the first time.
    • New Purchaser / Customer – since this website is not open to the public, you cannot set up a new account on your own using the ‘Register’ link – we will have to set up an account for you – just contact Kim at 800-678-6505 – again, this is to prevent a retail customer from setting up an account and seeing your prices.
    • ‘Search Bar’ – you will find this at the top next to the Restylers International logo.  Just type a part number and it should find it. 
    • ‘Year, Make, Model’ – you will find the ‘YMM’ bar near the top of the page.
    • Categories – you will find Categories at the left.
    • Vendors – you will find the Vendors that you can purchase from below the ‘Search’ bar.
  • PRICING – pricing should be correct, but since it is new, if you see something that does not look right, just give us a call – we may have missed it.
  • FREIGHT / SHIPPING – shipping will be handled in the same way as previously, we will bill you at cost after the order ships from the vendor


  • At times, the ‘YMM’ search will also give you ‘close matches’. But after selecting your product, you will see on the right side of the ‘Product’ screen exactly what it fits (as seen in the picture) – it is a good idea to always check this before placing the item in your cart!
  • If you have searched for a part number using the ‘YMM’ search bar and want to search for something for a different vehicle, be sure to hit the ‘Reset’ button
  • ‘Breadcrumbs’ – if you get lost, you will see the trail of ‘breadcrumbs’ just below the green bar.
  • Hitting the ‘Home’ button in the ‘breadcrumbs’ will take you to the RI ‘Home’ page (outside of ‘Shop RI’)
  • Hitting the ‘Shop RI’ button in the green bar will take you to the main screen of ‘Shop RI’

That’s about it!!

We hope you enjoy the new ‘Shop RI 2023’.  And please watch for new product lines to be added soon!

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