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New Product from Restylers Choice

TrueEdge Fender Flares

Over the past couple of years Restylers International has offered a low cost Fender Flare program through the RI Webline.  Jim Wortham has been the point of contact for this program.  Recently, Jim went to work for Restylers Choice and all parties agreed it was best to migrate the Fender Flare program to Restylers Choice.

So we are happy to announce the Restylers Choice ‘TrueEdge’ Fender Flare program is now here!Restylers Choice Fender Flares

The ‘TrueEdge’ Fender Flares come in 4 styles:

  • Rivetz
  • Streetz
  • Extendz
  • and Sportz.

There are also 4 different finishes (not all are available in all 4 finishes):

  • Smooth
  • Textured
  • Matte Smooth
  • Painted

For more information download the brochure here



One Response to “New Product from Restylers Choice”

  1. Tom Smith

    Way-to-Go Restylers Choice. We love our relationship with Restylers Choice. They are just up the River from us and deliveries are quick and accurate. Their painted wing program is excellent and this ensure the painted fender program will be equally successful. With Restylers Choice we have a partner that understands our needs and concerns and is cutting edge in finding solutions. Thank you to Doug, Lane and all the staff. Congratulations Jim, you have made a good career move.