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New Ownership at RI

In harmony with our ‘Change Is Good’ Conference which we just completed,  we want to make everyone aware of another change that was made in 2017.  There was an adjustment in the ownership of Restylers International.

First, both Jim Peters and Tom Zack decided that it was time to retire as owners of RI.

And then Paul Koceja also retired from being an RI owner to have more time to care for family.

We appreciate their many years of support and wish them well in their future endeavors.

The current ownership of RI is:  Guy Howie, Doug Smith, Vaughn Kendle, Dean Alexander, and Tim Thomerson.

7 Responses to “New Ownership at RI”

  1. Tom Smith

    On behalf of all of our staff here in Kentucky, I want to say thank you for the 2018 Conference we just completed. We all enjoyed the meetings, especially our newest staffer, Jim. We certainly relaxed on the cruise and enjoyed the warm weather. Wish all members could have joined us. We also agree with previous comments about the members that are retiring. We will miss them and I am sure they too will miss us. Also, please tell Kim this is the last time we will allow her to miss conference. Having NO BADGES is too much to cope with.
    Thanks again,
    Tom Smith
    ATD & Signs
    Elizabethtown, Kentucky

    • Tim Thomerson

      Thanks Tom and everyone who attended. Both the conference and the cruise will be remembered for many years. It was interesting to see that with many of the topics we discussed, we were ‘all in the same boat’ – both literally and figuratively.

      And of course we want to express our sympathy to Vaughn and Cheryl for the loss of their mom during the cruise – she will be missed, but more importantly, she will be remembered.

  2. Frank Perales

    I believe I am talking for all of us who have been with Trim-Line & Auto Trim Design. We will miss them, especially at our Conferences. Tom, Jim & Paul have been excellent Business examples for all of us. We hope they have a good Retirement.

    • Tom Zack

      Thanks for all the nice comments. I’m still planning to attend SEMA and the RI conferences ; over the last 44 years, we have made some great friends in this business, and I still would like to see these from time to time……I guess I have Green Tape running through my veins !!
      Tom Z

  3. John L. Miller III / Ed Walker

    Congratulations to both retirees & new ownership,

    Sometimes change is good and in this case it is for everyone. For those retirees it will be nice to relax and spend time with your family and enjoy all your hard work over the years. For those new owners what a great opportunity to continue the strong leadership that both Jim & Tom have shown over the years.
    We at California-Dream / Razzi are here to assist and supply your members with the finest quality products and service our industry has to offer. We are dedicated to making sure you’re proud to have selected us as your spoiler, body kit & fender flare supplier.

  4. Fred Wheeler

    Hey Guys, a sincere thank you for all you have done over the years!!!
    I’ve been with Trim Line / Auto Trim Design / Restylers International since way back in 1977.
    I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to attend many of the recent Conferences but I have tried to stay up with all of the information on the website. It’s been an amazing business opportunity for all of us and to have the support of you behind us! Really do appreciate all you have done.
    Thank you again!
    Fred, Auto Trim and Sign, Greenfield, Massachusetts

    • Jim Peters

      Thank you Fred, Thomas, and others for your nice comments. It turns out that (to quote Mark Twain), “the reports of my death/retirement are greatly exaggerated”. I did have to resign from RI, but it was largely in order to care for my personal business, in which I am still very much involved. Not quite ready to retire yet.
      Jim Peters