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New Look for the ‘News’ Page

We only released the new RI website in February, but already we are updating and improving it.

Last month:

In April, we added the ‘Vendor Pricing‘ page that includes Pricing for most RI vendors, links to their websites, & direct contact info.  Since this is proprietary information only intended for RI members, it is password protected.  Contact us by phone or email for the password.

This month:

This week we updated the appearance of the ‘News‘ page.  Here are the highlights of these changes:Latest News smaller for featured on home page

  • Previously each article only showed an excerpt from the article.  You then had to click the link to read the entire article.  Now the entire article is visible (such as this one).
  • Each article is now hilited in a grey box to help it stand out from the surrounding page.
  • You can still comment on any article.  Just click the green heading to post a comment.  (To prevent spam, your comment will be held in ‘moderation’ until approved.)
  • Be sure to use the features on the left sidebar to filter and display only the articles you are looking for:  Search, Recent Comments, Categories, & Archives.
  • The Categories filter is also found at the top of each article.
  • And the most recently added feature:  Site Map.

What is next?premier only

We are currently developing a ‘Premier Members Only‘ section which we plan to release in June.  Watch for the Annual Renewal Packet that RI Members will receive by mail for more information on it.

Your input…

We need your input.  What would you like to see on our new website?  And in the new Premier Members Only section?  Let us know of changes you think we need to make – we always welcome your input.