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Headrest Video Still Popular

Do you do 12 volt?

If so, you have probably been installing Headrest units for years.  And they are still popular!! Rosen Head Rest Unit

RI Recommended Vendor:  Rosen

Rosen is one of the top suppliers in the market and is on the RI Webline.  You can purchase Rosen products simply by logging into the RI Webline by clicking the link at the bottom of any page, entering your unique user name and password, then following the prompts.

Your order will be sent directly to Rosen for processing the instant you click ‘Submit’.  Within moments you will receive a confirmation email of your order.


Which vehicles are the most popular for Head Rest units?

Click HERE and download the ‘Rosen AV7900 POPULARITY DATA SHEET’

It includes 2 pages both sorted differently and is a great tool for you and your customers.

The first page is the TOP 50 AV7900 app’s + TOP 10 AV7800 app’s.

The second page is sorted by vehicle make.

Here are some highlights:

  • Ford Explorer and Expedition retain the top 4 spots and 6 of top 12 and…13 of top 50
  • Lexus has 3 of the top 15 and 5 of top 50
  • Toyota 3 of the top 15 and 7 of top 50
  • GM vehicles (Buick/Chev/Cadillac/GMC) had a total of 12 of the top 50 w/ the Buick Enclave(Ebony) being the top sales performer.