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From Art’s Desk…


Here is something we saw at SEMA last week that looks like a good ‘Add On’ product to increase your profits on existing customers!

This is a great tool to add profit to your business with a VERY LOW INVESTMENT!  Check it out below.

Especially, take note of the ‘Business in a Box’ that includes everything you need to sell this at your counter – INCLUDING a monitor that plays the SharpShield video.


See below from Sharpline:

The new product line, SharpShield, is a series of liquid protection products that launched last week at SEMA.

Benefits of SharpShield liquid windshield protection include:

  • Strengthens windshield and windows by up to 40%
  • Repels rain, snow, dirt, ice, and makes them easier to remove
  • Increases nighttime vision up to 35% while reducing glare
  • Long lasting formula bonds to glass for up to 4 years
  • Resists scratching and pitting
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

‘Business in a Box’…

Conveniently packaged in a ‘Business in a Box’ format for new customers – everything that could be needed to launch this product is made available.

Featured items in the box include:

  • a mini windshield with the dramatic protection display as well as…
  • a monitor with the SharpShield informational commercial.

The SEMA Show Special for SharpShield has been held over for Restylers International members ONLY until November 30, 2019!!

Until then, Restylers Members receive up to $40 off business kits and 15% off all other liquid protection products.

Call Sharpline at 1-800-888-4888 to place an order or for more information.


3 Responses to “From Art’s Desk…”

  1. Art Morgan

    The learning curve is 5 minutes. The simple and concise instructions do not allow for misapplication. This product is great and has been tested by Restylers International Members and has been received well. Great profit potential. To learn more click this video:


    Contact me if you are ready to offer this profitable product in your shop.

  2. Paul krysowaty

    Sounds like great product. How long have you been using product? Can it be installed wrong and distort windshield?


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