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Durashield RV Dealer Referral Program

If you would like to receive referrals for Durashield RV installations…

Sharpline is currently building a database of paint protection film installers who are interested in referral work for RV applications.

Due to the success of Sharpline’s OEM PPF business with Winnebago and Fleetwood, many of their dealers will need to make repairs to DuraShield PPF installed on the RV’s after a collision or when factory paint issues occur.  We always use Restylers International members as our first source for referring professional restylers who can service these RV dealerships.

Some Restylers International members who may not currently be purchasing our product, but are regarded as a qualified installer, are still eligible for this referral.  If you have the experience and want to be included in our database, provide to Sharpline your:

  • Company nameSharpline - Winnebago PPF
  • Contact person
  • City
  • State
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Please send this information directly to suzannec@sharpline.com to be added to their list!!