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We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!!  We are trying to do the same.  That is what is most important.


Last week the RI Team spoke with many of you.  Here is the common situation for most everyone we talked with:

  • Personally:  So far, none of our members have coronavirus symptoms and all are working hard to keep it that way.
  • Business:  With regard to their businesses, most are either closed and staying home, or mostly closed – just doing a few essential things.

Here at RI, we are doing the same – trying to stay close to home and care just for essential responsibilities.  So far none of us have any symptoms, and like our members, are working hard to keep it that way.


Last week there were several announcements regarding loans that are FORGIVABLE if used for payroll, and other essential things.


(if you have more information, please share it with us and we will pass it on)

The FIRST PLACE TO START is the SBA website – it is https://www.sba.gov/

On this website, there is a banner about the Coronavirus – on the banner is a ‘Learn More’ link where you will find a lot more information. 

The FIRST THING you will probably want to do is click on ‘Coronavirus Funding Options’ – this takes you to a page showing the options below:

The FIRST TWO PROGRAMS are readily available to all of us. The SECOND TWO are for those that already have a relationship with SBA.

  1. Paycheck Protection Program’ – this program will give you a loan for 2 months of payroll, INCLUDING FOR SUBCONTRACTORS, and is forgivable. 
    1. NOTE:  YOU APPLY THROUGH YOUR EXISTING BANK – contact your bank for details on how to apply
  2. ‘Economic Injury Disaster Loan Emergency Advance’ (EIDL) – this is a flat $10,000 loan which is also forgivable. 
    1. You apply for this one directly on the SBA website at this link:  ‘COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan Application’ 
  3. ‘SBA Express Bridge Loans’ – if you already have a relationship with SBA, this may help you
  4. SBA Debt Relief – if you already have a loan with SBA, this may interest you

 Another helpful page to keep your workplace safe is ‘Guidance for Businesses and Employees’ from the CDC.

And finally, this page has an overview of many articles you may find helpful:  ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19):  Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources’


We here at RI are in the process of applying for the first two types of loans.

We will update this post as we go through this process and let you know of any ‘tips’ we learn that can help.

Please let us know if there is anything you need that we can help with.



  1. Sylvia Gourley

    We are a 7 member crew.
    Our five employees went on Unemployment as of 3/24/2020. The two of us kept working on figuring out how we were going to get through this unexpected snafu.
    We applied for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan advance of $10,000, forgivable, on 4/1/2020. We received the funds ($5,000, $1,000 per eligible employee up to $10,000 is the new rule) on 4/23/2020 in our bank account.
    We applied for the Paycheck Protection Program Loan with our business bank (Citizens Bank) on 4/7/2020, signed documents on 4/14/2020, received the funds on 4/22/2020 in our bank account, and hired everyone back immediately.
    We are very happy everyone is back, we have a ton of work vinyl wrap wise, no tinting or paint protection however.

    • Tim Thomerson

      Thanks Sylvia!! Glad it worked out and glad your employees are backing working.

      Here at RI, we applied for the PPP and the EIDL. We received the PPP pretty quickly, but have not heard anything back on the EIDL.

      So we are still working and hopefully we will all come out of this situation before long.

      Again, thanks for your input and glad it seems to be working out.


    • Tim Thomerson

      Thanks Alan!! We will keep watching it and add information as it becomes available.

  2. Felise Johnson

    We applied to the PPP loan on Saturday morning it was all gone by then at Wells Fargo.

    • Tim Thomerson

      We heard that about Wells Fargo from another source also. It is our understanding that the government will continue to fund the banks as long as necessary – so even if they have run out of funds right now, likely more funds will become available to them. We hope that is correct.

      • Paul Krysowaty

        If you are an employee of you company, you can
        Apply for unemployment, you will get unemployment + $600.00 a week got 39 weeks.

        Most Banks want you to pay your mortgage payment if you can’t pay they will give you three months no pay, but you will have to pay up at end of three months, if you can’t they will work with you help pay, they will not charge late fees or report to credit bureaus. You have to sign up.


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