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Conference Follow Up – Social Media

Those that attended our 2016 conference last Feb in Charlotte…

…will recall that on Sunday we spent some time discussing ‘social media’ – primarily, CAN USING SOCIAL MEDIA HELP OUR BUSINESSES?  IF SO, HOW?

I think a key comment came from Bob Boswood when he said:  ‘I am always getting ads and people calling me telling me they can bring me more business through social media, but I don’t know if I can believe or trust them.  How can we know what works and what does not?’

Facebook - 2016 05 10So we decided that as RI staff, we should get more involved in social media and start learning it ourselves.  Then we would be in a better position to help point our members to successful ways to use social media.  Please note, we do not expect to become experts!!  But we feel that by next years conference we can at least have some observations and suggestions as to what might be beneficial for our RI Members, and what might be a waste of their time and money.

To that end, we contracted with Webmasters (the company that did our new website last year and that was present at our last 2 conferences) to teach us ‘social media’.  We are in the early stages of that, having just this week refreshed our Facebook page and begun actually using it (imagine that!!).

Next week we will start learning how to use Twitter.

So check out our updated Facebook page and ‘like us’.  Give us your suggestions as we go on this journey.  The more input we have from you, the more we will be able to share with RI Members at next years conference.

(oh, and please excuse some of our initial Facebook posts – we are just learning – we will get better!!)