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Coming Soon – 12 Volt in a Big Way!!

12 VoltRestylers International has had most major categories covered for many years, such as Tint, PPF, Graphic, Wings, Moldings, Signage, Truck Accessories, Leather, and more.

But we have never been real strong in 12 Volt.  But that is about to change!!

Watch for an announcement at SEMA of a new 12 Volt partner that we think will really fit the needs of many of our members that already do 12 Volt.  And that will open the doors to some of our members that do not currently do 12 Volt.

This vendor will have 50 plus 12 Volt lines and multiple distribution points.

This new partner will be coming to our 2015 Orlando conference to do training on several of its key product lines.

So watch for an announcement in early November in conjunction with SEMA!!