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Agenda – 2018 ‘Change Is Good Conference’

It is only 5 days away!!

For those that are attending, here is the Agenda:

Monday, February 12 – 1-5 pm

  • Tim Thomerson:  Welcome to the ‘Change Is Good’ Conference
  • Randy Cox:  Who Moved My Cheese?
  • Dean Alexander:  Changing Opportunities
  • Bill Davis:  Changing Customers
  • Keynote Speaker Doug Jacobs:  Change Is Good

Saturday, February 17 – 1-5 pm

  • Tom Smith:  Change – It’s Going to Happen, With or Without Me
  • Scott Addy:  Changing Products & Services
  • Tim Thomerson:  Changes to Shop RI & the Loyalty Program
  • Keynote Speaker Tom Corton:  Changes Everywhere!  A View From the Road
  • Tim Thomerson:  Open Forum and Wrap-Up


3 Responses to “Agenda – 2018 ‘Change Is Good Conference’”

  1. Paul Krysowaty

    Hey Tim, nice to hear from you guys. Brings back lots of old memories.(all good)

    • Tim

      Thanks Paul. Good to hear from you too! We just had our 2018 conference on a Royal Caribbean cruise – that was fun!! Take care!