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Fall is the perfect time to make sure everyone is ready for outdoor activities and able to protect their gear from the unpredictable fall weather with an Access Cover designed to fit all preferences.

ACCESS COVERS has a fantastic SEMA Show Promo for all RI Members to take advantage of during the last week of October and first week of November.

This is a Jobber Promo  –  Included Covers are ACCESS® Limited, ACCESS® Original, ACCESS® LORADO, ACCESS® Toolbox, LITERIDER®, VANISH®, and for this Special SEMA Show Promo, TONNOSPORT® Roll-Up Covers and LOMAX™ Hard Tri-Fold Covers are included!



  • When you buy 3 Covers, you can receive a $25 Cash Card.
  • Buy 5 Covers, you can receive a $50 Cash Card.
  • Buy 12 Covers, you can get a $125 Cash Card!



Also included is a ROCKSTAR™ PROMO:

  • Buy any 3 Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps (ROCKSTAR™, ROCTECTION™, ROXTER™) get a $25 Cash Card.
  • Buy 6 ROCKSTAR™ Splash Guards, get 1 Free.

Please note this Special Promo is valid only from 10-23-17 through 11-10-17.  Dates on your Invoices must match these dates.


Please submit your request for these promotions with dated RI Invoice numbers to support@restylersinternational.com  NO LATER than 11-14-17.