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Access Cover Promo for June Starts Today!!

(In case you missed it last week, see the article below on the Access Cover Promo for June which starts today)


RI Only Promo for Access Covers – JuneAccess June Promo

RI has worked with Access to get an RI exclusive for June.  For every cover you order through the RI Webline (click here) you will receive FREE an Access AA Battery LED Light part number 80312.  Your cost on this light through RI is normally $21.02.

This means you can either:

  • give the customer ‘a little something extra‘ that the competition cannot give them; or
  • use it as an ‘add on sale‘ and bring up your profit margin on Access Covers.

Either way, YOU WIN!!


You must place the order for the light AT THE TIME YOU PLACE YOUR COVER ORDER!!! 

To do this, when ordering your covers on the RI Webline, just add 1 part number ‘80312 – JUNE RI PROMO‘ for each cover you order.

(Premier Members – you will still earn Loyalty Dollars on your cover orders along with this promo.)

That’s all their is to it.  So lets be sure to promote Access Covers in June and take advantage of this limited time offer from Access.

Download special ‘RI Pricing’ for this vendor by clicking here