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2021 ‘Still in Covid’ Premier Membership Update

Who would have thought…

…that a year later we would still be fighting Covid?

But there is good news:

  • First, we are still here, carrying on!!
  • Second, it appears as if we may be getting a handle on Covid, and perhaps before long we can return to a more ‘normal’ life – good news indeed!!
  • Third, once again, the RI owners have elected to NOT ask for Premier Membership dues for 2021

If you recall, for 2020, in order to help everyone deal with the financial effects of Covid, we did not ask for Premier Membership dues. Rather, all those who had paid their Premier Member dues in 2019 were extended to cover 2020 as well.

We are happy to once again extend those 2019 Premier dues to cover 2021 as well!

This means that if you paid your Premier Membership dues in 2019, you will still be considered a Premier Member through 2021. You will receive all the same benefits as 2019, with only 1 exception: we will not be able to offer the Quarterly Coupon Codes for Shop RI. But you WILL still earn Loyalty Rewards on your 2021 purchases!!

Which brings us to more good news:

Your Loyalty Rewards Cards for 2020 have been ordered!!

Normally, it is always a time crunch to get the reports in, the Rewards calculated, and the cards ordered in time for the Conference in February. Since our conference was cancelled this year due to Covid, the pressure was off and we took a little more time to get them calculated and ordered.

As mentioned, they have been ordered and we expect to receive them by the end of next week. We will then mail them to all our Premier Members the following week.

So look for them in your mailbox around April 10.

And remember, the Cards are good for 1 year from the order date – so don’t forget to use them before they expire!!

As always…

…thank you for your support of Restylers International. We are glad to have you as Members and look forward to seeing you at our Conference in 2022!!

2 Responses to “2021 ‘Still in Covid’ Premier Membership Update”

  1. Jeanne Wallace

    Thanks to the RI owners for their generous extension of our premier membership. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Wichita in 2022!
    Jeanne Wallace

  2. Scott Addy

    Thank you for your generosity! hopefully we’ll get to see each other soon!!
    Scott Addy


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