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2021 RI Conference


Well, 2020 certainly has not been anything like we might have expected!

For those that attended our 2020 RI Conference at the Solar Gard facilities in St Petersburg, Florida, little did we know at the time that we would be returning home to face a worldwide pandemic, and a challenge to our businesses unlike any we have ever seen or could have predicted.

While there have been a few that have been dramatically damaged by the crisis, we are happy to report that most of our RI Members have ‘weathered the storm’ and are doing fine! That being said, I imagine all of us will be glad to see 2020 come to an end.


Looking forward to 2021, we are now only 4 months away from the time we would normally have our annual RI Conference. With the Covid crisis still going strong, the question is: should we have a Conference in 2021 or not?

The RI Owners discussed this recently, and agreed unanimously that with so much uncertainty regarding the Covid crisis coming to an end any time soon, it would be irresponsible to ask people to put their lives at risk to travel to a business conference.

Therefore, for the first time since we began in 1999, we are canceling our Annual Conference for 2021.

On the positive side, looking forward to 2022, hopefully we will be well past the Covid crisis, and ready to go to Wichita, Kansas, and visit the home of one of our favorite Vendors: Sharpline!

For those that have been with us from the beginning, you might remember that one of our first conferences was at Sharpline. Now some 20 years later, we will be returning, and will get to see how much they have expanded their operations and see some new opportunities they have developed for us.

In summary, we are sad that we won’t be able to get together in February of 2021, but look forward to seeing you either in November 2021 at Sema, or in Wichita in February of 2022!

As always, thank you for your support of Restylers International and be sure to call us anytime we can be of assistance.

From the RI Team: Tim, Kim, Dean, Art, Guy, Doug, & Vaughn!!

4 Responses to “2021 RI Conference”

  1. Jeanne Wallace

    What a responsible decision! Although we will miss seeing everyone, thanks for keeping us safe. Looking forward to 2022.

  2. John Rudd

    Dear RI Team
    Thank you for your continued support and active reasonableness regarding the business conference. Here in MA business is steady but the only thing that really seems to be increasing is the Covid crisis. I think we are all looking forward to better times ahead.
    Thank you,

    • Tim Thomerson

      Thanks John!! I am glad your business is still going strong. And yes indeed – better times are ahead!!


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