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2020 RI Conference – Fishing Trip

To all Members attending the 2020 Conference:

If you want to go with Frank Perales and others on a fishing trip on Monday, Feb 17 (the day after the conference), please contact Frank ASAP!

He needs to know how many are attending so he can reserve a boat.


See Franks note below:

We are preparing for the fishing trip . Name of the place is Hubbard’s Marine Charters in St. Pete… Deadline for people to sign up is January 1st. We need to know the number of people interested so we can book the right Private Boat. Please call me or text me @ 318-207-1254.

One Response to “2020 RI Conference – Fishing Trip”

  1. Francisco Perales

    Hello , we set a deadline for fishing trip , but if you missed deadline , please email me , we have room for a few more ,but text or email me before we fill up. 318-207-1254 , fperales1@juno.com Frank Perales


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