Thursday (daytime) – Kim, Tim, Dean:

  • go to Grimco – checkout setup
  • receive tables & chairs – set them up for vendors and attendees
  • set up RI backdrop (with new header & footer  )

    go to Sam’s and buy:
    • food (snacks, drinks, etc)
    • tablecloths
    • Styrofoam coolers & ice
    • boom box (if needed)
      • (note:  we can buy one at Sam’s for the same $200 it costs to rent one  –  then we can either keep it or give it away as a door prize after the show)
  • ​check out AV​ – setup for any needs
  • find a place to order coffee for Friday and Saturday
  • order Subway sandwiches for Friday
  • order pizzas for Saturday (Little Caesars, Dominoes, or a local pizza place – there are several nearby)

​Thursday evening – Doug, Vaughn, Guy:

  • hang out at Tamarindo’s Margarita Bar & Cantina (at the hotel)
  • eat dinner there if possible
  • buy drinks for Members that come by

Friday and Saturday – Everyone:

  • Doug – be the ‘Vendor Guy’ –
  • Vaughn – be the ‘Greeter’ (have Cheryl help if she is available) –
  • Guy – be the ‘Chairman’ –
  • Kim – shuttle driver and ‘man the booth’ (the RI table)
    • Friday and Saturday – first run at 8am each morning – additional runs as needed
    • Friday and Saturday – return run to hotel at end of each day
    • Sunday –
      • at 7:30am carry attendees to Long Beach Harbor / Catalina Express dock  (2o minute drive)  (Catalina Express departs 8:15am and 9:50am)
      • pickup returning guests either at 5pm or 7:15pm – we will decide at the show which one everyone prefers
  • Tim – lead the program – help Kim man the booth