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2018 Membership Renewal

To renew as a Premier Member, EITHER:

  • Use a credit card by CLICKING HERE 
  • OR
  • Mail a check to: Restylers International / PO Box 354 / Salado, TX 76571 – please include your Member Number

2018 Theme – ‘Change Is Good’

That is the theme of our 2018 RI Conference.  And it is very fitting.  There were many changes at RI over the past year.  For one, there was NO Premier Member fee charged in 2017!!  But that was just one change – see below for more changes:

RENEWAL CHANGE:  As you know, for many years we have done renewals mid-year.  This is because of the merger of the ATD Group and ATNA which occurred in July of 2009.  But we felt like it was time for a change – so going forward, renewals will be each January.  Following the calendar year will be simpler for everyone.

CONFERENCE CHANGE:  Our 2018 ‘Change Is Good’ Conference will be onboard the Royal Caribbean ‘Rhapsody of the Seas’ cruise ship!!  For those that are going, this should be a week of mixing fun with business.  Of course, we have been doing that for years – but never in the Western Caribbean!!  No doubt it will be a conference to be remembered for many years!!

PREMIER BENEFITS CHANGE:  Going into 2018, your Premier Membership will give you something it never has in the past:  better pricing on ‘Shop RI’.  Now when you log in to Shop RI, you will see 2 prices – ‘Member Price’ and ‘Premier Member Price’.  The difference will range from 2-5 percent, depending on the product.  This is a new way to reward our Premier Members!!  And of course, you still earn Loyalty Rewards on all ‘Shop RI’ purchases!

PARTS LOOKUP CHANGE:  This has been a major project for 2017!!  As you know, for many products, it is essential to be able to look them up by Year, Make, and Model.  ‘Shop RI’ now has that capability!!  (Example:  Click ‘Tonneau Covers’ on ‘Shop RI’)

And for those products that don’t require Year, Make, Model search ability, lookup filters unique to that product have been developed.  (Click ‘Pinstripes’ or ‘Paint Protection Film’ on ‘Shop RI’)

We feel these are critical changes to ‘Shop RI’.  More and more members are using ‘Shop RI’ to order, and now these changes make it easier to get the right product, plus reward our Premier Members for their support!!


WHAT HAS NOT CHANGED?  How much we appreciate you!  We work hard to help our Members, and we hope they will see the value in being a Premier Member.  If so, please see below for how to renew for 2018.

As always, we appreciate your support of Restylers International, the only group of its kind in the industry!!

To renew as a Premier Member, EITHER:

  • use a credit card by CLICKING HERE 
  • OR
  • mail a check to: Restylers International / PO Box 354 / Salado, TX 76571 – please include your Member Number!