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2016 RI Conference Follow Up – Web Conferences


CLICK HERE for details on how to log in to today’s RI Web Conference



Reminder – our first Web Conference will be Monday at 1pm Central time.  A link will be posted to this website Monday morning.  

To join the conference, just click the link.  

Note: you can listen either by your phone OR via your computer – just follow the instructions for either after clicking the link.  (If you listen by phone, be sure to turn your computer speakers down so you don’t get an echo.)



  • Restylers Choice – Sign Tech Wholesale Division – 15 minutes
    • Lane Carter will present a PowerPoint presentation showing the new signage capabilities available to us
    • Also a new catalog will be available for download during the program
  • Restylers International – 15 minutes
    • 2017 Conference Dates Released
    • Major new project announced!!
  • Q&A and Wrapup



Our first RI Web Conference will feature:

  • Restylers Choice – Sign Tech Wholesale Division – 15 minutes
  • Restylers International – 15 minutes
    1. 2017 Conference Dates Released
    2. Major new project announced!!
  • Q&A and Wrapup

Join us next Monday, August 1, at 1pm Central for this LIVE WEB CONFERENCE!!  

Log in details will be provided Monday morning – no software needed.


For our 1st RI Web Conference on Aug 1, Restylers Choice will do our 1st Vendor presentation – watch for more details as they become available!!

For those of you that attended the 2016 RI Conference in Charlotte, NC,…

…you know we discussed at length a variety of topics, such as:  social media, youtube, and webinars.  In response to that discussion:

Second – Web ConferencesTims Desk

The second key item we discussed was to try to maintain better and more frequent communication among our membership by having regular ‘Web Conference’.  In harmony with that, we are happy to announce that starting August 1, we will begin having a monthly ‘RI Web Conference’!!

Here are some key points:

  • Once a month on the 1st Monday of the month
  • 30-45 minutes in length
  • 1 pm Central Time
  • up to 50 people may join
  • it will include live video
  • each session will have 2 or 3 moderators, and anyone joining can ask questions or make comments, although most will do this via the ‘chat’ feature.
  • and yes, we will record it so you can watch it later if you cannot join us ‘live’ – but we really hope that as many as possible can join ‘live’ – that is what will make it most beneficial.
  • No special software is needed – just click the link and join us.

Here is our basic outline for each monthly session:

  • 5 minute Welcome by RI Staff member
  • 10-15 minutes presentation by one of our Vendors
  • 10-15 minute presentation by one of our Members or RI Staff
  • Q & A, and wrap-up
  • total time – 30-45 minutes

Set your calendar NOW for 1 pm Central on Monday, August 1 and join us for our FIRST EVER ‘RI Web Conference’!!


2 Responses to “2016 RI Conference Follow Up – Web Conferences”

  1. Tim Thomerson

    Thanks Jerry. We hope everyone enjoys it. We feel it can be very valuable in keeping us working together as a group of restylers.

  2. Jerry Abt

    I know that I have been critical in the past but I want to be one of the first to stand up and say that this is a fantastic idea. I look forward very much to the web conferences. Good idea. Good job. Great work. Thank you very much.