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2016 RI Conference Follow Up – Social Media

For those of you that attended the 2016 RI Conference in Charlotte, NC,…

…you know we discussed at length a variety of topics, such as:  social media, youtube, and webinars.  In response to that discussion:

First – Social Media

Tims DeskKim has been taking ‘social media’ lessons for the last couple of months.  She has brought RI into the ‘social media’ age with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Pinterest.  Kim says:  “Although I don’t see a lot of benefit for Restylers International corporate, I definitely do see value in it for our members.  While people may not go to their website, they will follow them on social media.”

Soon Kim plans to start collaborating with a couple of our RI Members, and testing various social media sites to see which ones provide the most benefits for the time and effort spent.  If you have input or experience with social media, please let Kim know and we can work together to see what is most beneficial versus what is a waste of time.

Kim will present the results of her ‘social media experiment’ at our 2017 RI Conference next February.  We look forward to seeing you there.