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Updated Contact Info for Mid State Distributing

Updated Contact Info for Mid State:Telephone

If you have had trouble contacting Mid State, you will be glad to hear they have upgraded their phone system, and it should now be faster and easier to get answers, pricing, etc.


Call the ‘Team’:  This is the newest and probably fastest.  Call Mid State directly at 800-798-5965 and push Ext 2 for 12 Volt – this will connect you to the entire 12 Volt team.
Call a specific ‘Rep’:  Call 800-798-5965, then push:
  • ext 661 for Tom Kolar
  • ext 636 for TJ Kolar
Call through RI’s 800#:  Call 800-678-6505 extension 248 – this will connect you to the Mid State 12 Volt ‘Team’


Email:  Tom at t.kolar@m-state.com or TJ at tj.kolar@m-state.com


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