Details of benefits for Premier, Elite, and Basic level memberships:


NEW FOR 2019:    $200 in ‘Quarterly’ Coupon Codes to use on ‘Shop RI’ Premier & Elite With your $295 Premier or $200 Elite Renewal, 4 ‘Quarterly’ Coupon Codes for $50 each will be provided, 1 for each Quarter of the year

Each ‘Quarterly’ Coupon Code must be used in the appropriate Quarter of the year (Quarter 1, Quarter 2, etc)

If not used in the appropriate Quarter of the year, ‘Quarterly’ Coupon Code expires and cannot be reissued

‘Quarterly’ Coupon Code must be applied to an order of $500 or more

You CAN mix and match any products on Shop RI on the same order to reach the $500 minimum (except for the renewal itself, of course)

NEW FOR 2019:  For 2019 only, additional ‘Thank You’ Coupon Code for $45 Previous and Current Premier Members only To compensate for the increase in Premier Member dues from $250 to $295, for 2019 only, any current or previous Premier Member will receive an additional Coupon Code to use on Shop RI in 2019 for $45

Coupon Code cannot be combined with another Coupon Code

Coupon Code must be applied to an order of $500 or more

With the $200 in ‘Quarterly’ Coupon Codes, plus the additional $45 ‘Thank You’ Coupon Code for 2019, Premier Renewal NET COST for 2019 is only $50!!  And you STILL earn Loyalty Rewards!!

Conference Attendance Premier only 2 free attendees which includes lunches and most trainings

(Basic members pay $50 per person to attend)

Loyalty Rewards Premier only Receive a ‘Loyalty Rewards Gift Card’ in the first Quarter of each new year for 1% of your purchases from Solar Gard and Shop RI (less $5.95 Redemption Fee)

NEW FOR 2019:  Not required to attend Conference once every 2 years to earn Loyalty Rewards – you earn Loyalty Rewards and receive the Coupon Codes whether you attend Conference or not!

Protected Market Area Premier only RI will not sign up another member in the ‘immediate market area’ of a Premier Member that would compete directly on products that they are purchasing in reasonable volume from RI Approved Vendors
Premier Level Pricing Premier & Elite Premier level pricing on Shop RI

Premier level pricing is generally 2-5% lower than ‘Basic’ level pricing

Conference Only Discounts Premier & Elite & Basic All conference attendees may participate in ‘Conference Only’ discounts provided by the Vendors at the Conference
Discounted Pricing Premier & Elite & Basic Pricing discounts from RI Approved Vendors that is generally deeper than most ‘single location’ businesses could get on their own


Yes – now EVERYONE can benefit by going beyond a Basic membership!!