Professional Auto Restylers Group – Benefits and Features

Restylers International

Joining Restylers International means you get to enjoy a wide variety of benefits like deep pricing discounts from vendors, consultations from experienced industry professionals, training classes and more. Read on to learn about the advantages of joining our extensive network of restyling businesses like:

Co-op Buying Power

Restylers International operates like a “buying co-op.” Based on the collective purchases of more than 300 RI Members, members receive deep volume pricing discounts from our vendors. Few independent businesses can match the millions in purchases each year that RI Members make collectively. So, while any independent store may command volume pricing discounts on a few products they buy a lot of, almost any independent business will find better deals with RI Recommended Vendors on many products. Here are some examples:

Product Item Members Save
Window Tint Color Stable 40″ $40
Paint Protection Film 6 or 8 Mil 15-30%
Spoilers Most Wings $30 Est.
Leather Interiors 2 Row Kits $100 Avg.
Tonneau Covers Soft Cover $43
Remote Start AM 1 Way $11
Fender Flares Rivet Style $36
Nerf Bars
3″ Stainless $55
Video 10.2″ Drop Down $26
More… $

Installation Training

Restylers International Installation TrainingIn conjunction with our RI Recommended Vendors, Restylers International sponsors several training classes each year on key product lines, such as:

  • Paint Protection Film
  • Window Tint (both automotive and commercial flat glass)
  • Leather Interiors and Seat Heaters
  • Vehicle Wraps and Signage
  • 12 Volt Electronics
  • and more…

Business Consultation

We all need someone to call occasionally for business advice. Restylers International is owned by eight businessmen with businesses just like yours, each of them specializing in one or more of the product categories listed above.  Each of them has been in this industry for well over 25 years, so collectively they have a lot of experience – both in what works and, equally important, in what does not work. As owners, they are glad to talk to you over the phone and help you with questions such as:

  • Should I stay mobile?  Or go retail?
  • What products should I carry in my market?
  • Which are most profitable?
  • How should I market this product?  And to whom – retail or dealer?
  • What should my cost of sales be on a particular product?
  • How much should I pay an installer?
  • What mistakes should I avoid?


Each year RI sponsors a national conference for all its members. While the content varies from year to year, these are a few of the benefits:

Restylers International Conferences
  • Hands on training classes, including certification on key products.
  • Presentations from fellow RI Members on sales, installation, hiring, pricing, etc.
  • Roundtable discussions with RI Members on topics of mutual concern.
  • Panel discussions with RI Member experts on key product lines and business topics.
  • Vendor Expo – meet RI Recommended Vendors and see their latest products.
  • Fun – share with RI Members in Fun Day events that will make you friends for a lifetime!
  • Networking – make friends with members whose business is similar to yours and share ideas and experiences.


Members Helping Members

The biggest benefit of joining Restylers International is you will be joining a network of RI Members who work to help one another – yes, Restylers helping Restylers! They truly are some of the best people in the industry! Since they are not competitors, they are truly committed to working together and helping one another in any way possible.


There are 3 levels of membership:  Basic, Elite, and Premier.  Here is an OVERVIEW of each:

PREMIER – $295, but you get $200 back AND earn Loyalty Rewards AND get Free Conference attendance AND more!! 

  • NEW FOR 2019: $200 in Quarterly Coupon Codes to use on Shop RI
  • NEW FOR 2019: For 2019 only, previous and existing Premier Members get an additional $45 Coupon Code!!
  • Still earn 1% Loyalty Rewards on Solar Gard and Shop RI
  • Still free Attendance for 2 at the Annual RI Conference
  • Still ‘Conference Only’ Vendor discounts
  • NEW FOR 2019: Not required to attend Conference at least once every 2 years to earn Loyalty Rewards!!
  • Still Premier level pricing on Shop RI
  • Still Protected Market Area
  • Still great pricing with RI Approved Vendors

ELITE – $200, but you get all $200 back!! 

  • NEW FOR 2019: $200 in Coupon Codes to use on Shop RI
  • Premier level pricing on Shop RI (which is generally 2-5% lower than Basic pricing)
  • Great pricing with RI Approved Vendors.

BASIC – Still free

  • Still great pricing with RI Approved Vendors
  • Still benefit by being a part of the ‘RI Family’