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2019 RI Conference – Dates & Location Announced

This is just an early preview – many details are still being worked out – but this will at least give you dates and a basic agenda so you can put it on your calendar:

Location:  Long Beach, California


  • Thursday – Feb 14 – Golf and/or Fishing Outing (tentative)
  • Friday & Saturday – Feb 15 & 16 – Conference and Training’s at Grimco’s facilities in Long Beach, California
  • Sunday – Feb 17 – Trip to Catalina for a relaxing day on the island

Stay tuned for more as we work out the details – anticipate an announcement with hotel, travel recommendations, etc by Sept 1.


4 Responses to “2019 RI Conference – Dates & Location Announced”

  1. Frank Perales

    Great Place , Last time had a great time. Weather is comfortable too.

  2. Tom Smith

    We are all in…Always look forward to this event. Great place to be in February.
    Thanks Tim. Scott, I would rather fish than golf…just saying.

  3. Tim

    I just finalized the hotel contract Friday, so now I will look into a fishing trip and some other ‘fun’ activities – watch for a ‘survey’ in a couple weeks.